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About RUSI

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is the world’s oldest and the UK’s leading defence and security think tank. Its mission is to inform, influence and enhance public debate on a safer and more stable world. RUSI is a research-led institute, producing independent, practical and innovative analysis to address today’s complex challenges.

Since its foundation in 1831, RUSI has relied on its members to support its activities. Together with revenue from research, publications and conferences, RUSI has sustained its political independence for nearly two centuries.

'I know what valuable work, in the cause of peace and security, the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies carries out in maintaining the essential links between the Armed Forces and those who make decisions under economic and political disciplines.'

Our Patron Her Majesty The Queen

Theresa May'RUSI is renowned as a home of informed discussion, incisive research, and thought-provoking debate.  This well earned reputation and their insightful forward thinking, makes the contribution of RUSI  on national security matters highly valuable in this continually changing sphere.'

Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Former Prime Minister

‘This institute, created by the Duke of Wellington, has brought about a fine tradition of strategic scholarship. Before think tanks were imagined, RUSI provided a forum for the elaboration and discussion of strategic military doctrine through two World Wars, the Cold War and beyond. RUSI has encouraged creative thinking on strategy and on the special relationship of our countries.’

Dr Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State

'As the United Kingdom’s foremost independent Defence think tank, RUSI has a long historic record of producing stimulating events, challenging research and insightful publications. In this rapidly changing defence and security environment, when the need for swift and rigorous analysis is essential, RUSI’s work is ever more important.'

Rt. Hon Phillip Hammond 
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

'Since the days of the Duke of Wellington, RUSI has carved out a global reputation for study of military affairs - characterised by thought-provoking events, incisive research and detailed analysis. In an increasingly unpredictable age, policy makers and political leaders alike will continue to turn to our leading defence think-tank for the invaluable insight that is its hallmark.'

Rt.Hon Michael Fallon 
Former Defence Secretary

'For nearly two-hundred years, the Royal United Services Institute has driven the global debate on defence and security issues and it is now the pre-eminent forum for the innovative critical thinking that is so essential for the policy-makers of today and tomorrow.'

Rt. Hon. David Cameron 
Former Prime Minister

'RUSI is exceptionally well informed on national security issues and its views carry weight as a result of the depth and breadth of its insights.'

Lord Evans of Weardale
Former Director-General, Security Service

'As a leading platform for debates on defence and security, RUSI’s role has been quintessential in fostering cooperation, promoting dialogue and offering strategic solutions to national and international defence and security-related issues. The events it has hosted over the years and the values that it has been upholding have made it into the highly revered institution it is today.'

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein
King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

'RUSI continues to be among the world’s foremost venues for research and discussion on defence and security issues.'

General David Petraeus
Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency, and former Commander, US Central Command and International Security Assistance Force