CTF Online Symposium No. 5: Financing Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism

24 November 2020
15:00 - 16:00

CTF Online Symposium No. 5: Financing Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism

In this webinar, Bethan Johnson will analyse trends in the financial activities of right-wing extremists and terrorists around the world. Considering the habits of both terrorist groups and ‘lone wolf’ terrorists, she will examine the fundraising and spending habits of those whose ideology calls for the destruction of multicultural, liberal democracies and for the rise of ethno-states. Bethan will also discuss the impact of the global pandemic on the present and future of right-wing extremist financing.

Based in the University of Cambridge, Bethan Johnson is an award-winning scholar on modern extremist and terrorist ideologies, with a particular focus on recruitment techniques and terrorist financing. In addition to conducting funded doctoral research into ethno-nationalist terrorist organisations in Europe and North America in the last half-century, Ms Johnson has conducted research on global neo-Nazism and neo-fascism. She serves as the leader of the Political Violence and Terrorism Research Unit of the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, the leading information hub for the radical right, past and present. She is also the series editor for the forthcoming Analyzing Political Violence book series published with ibidem/Columbia University Press. In 2019, her study of the German neo-Nazi music scene and its role in both terrorist recruitment and financing won the Terrorism Research Award.

  • Organizer Name: RUSI Europe | Project CRAAFT
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