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This research programme aims to bring a much-needed research focus to the cyber security challenges we face. In doing so, we merge both policy and technical analysis to inform policymakers and practitioners alike.

The global response to cyber threats remains in its infancy.

Whilst governments, industry and researchers continue to develop different approaches to mitigate threats, the actors who use cyberspace for harm respond with aggressive and inventive attack methods.

Cyber risks will only increase in the coming years owing to the globalisation of technology. It has never been more important for the cyber community to work together to achieve the cyber security needed in an uncertain future.


We have structured our approach around the following themes. RUSI’s cyber security research programme will focus on different aspects of the themes depending upon policy priorities at the time.

  • The cyber threat landscape
  • Defence and resilience
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Cyber education, awareness and behaviour
  • The cyber ecosystem

The programme has recently launched two projects on Future UK Cyber Security Strategy and the Globalisation of Technology. Outputs include published research and analysis, cyber security events, and cyber education and awareness for policymakers and the wider society.

RUSI is a world leader in international defence and security research. The programme will also draw on this wider expertise to offer a multi-disciplinary perspective on the cyber security challenges we face. The cyber security programme builds on RUSI’s reputation for independent, objective analysis, methodological rigour, timeliness, policy relevance and influence.


James Sullivan
Director, Cyber Research

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