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Mapping and analysing the impact on international security of emerging geopolitical conflict, competition, and cooperation in strategically important regions of the globe.

International Security Studies is focused upon understanding key security regions around the world – Asia-Pacific, South Asia and the Indian Ocean, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Europe and Eurasia. Drawing upon expert knowledge of the regions and local language skills, the team delivers policy-driven research and analysis on the critical actors within and the international politics of these regions, the domestic drivers of foreign and security policies, and the internal politics of leading states.

At a time when the international environment is increasingly volatile, complex, and threatened by geopolitical risks, ISS has launched the International Security in Transformation initiative. The initiative is designed to explore the key developments reshaping security politics around the globe, disrupting businesses and markets, and creating new forms of cooperation.

A key focus of the initiative is to explore the impact of these developments on the United Kingdom as an international actor and to identify ways in which the UK can best manage risks and exploit opportunities in the a fast-changing international context.

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 ISS Programmes

As a part of the initiative, four new regional programmes have been established.

Navigating the Indo-Pacific

The Navigating the Indo-Pacific Programme examines a geographic region of rising strategic significance. Spanning the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the combined region will form a central arena of competition and cooperation amongst global and regional powers in the coming years. Economic, political, and military developments in this region stand to profoundly impact global geopolitics.

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Unpacking the Middle East and North Africa

This programme provides in-depth analysis of the security dynamics in North Africa, the Levant, the Gulf, Iran, and Turkey, which make the region a crucible for the wider changes taking place in international security, from the weakening of existing multilateral frameworks to the growing complexity of conflicts in terms of actors and means of competition and confrontation.

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Russia in the World

We look at some of the key themes unfolding in this region, offering an evidence-based approach to understanding drivers of Russian domestic behaviour and foreign policy. In particular, this programme takes a longer-term strategic approach to less-studied parts of Russia, including its Far Eastern and Eastern Siberian regions, to understand the nature of Russia’s political systems after President Putin has left office, and his legacy.

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Africa in Perspective

Based on a series of live webinars, roundtables and in-depth analysis on the evolving nature of conflict, security and peace operations across Africa, this programme will consider how the Horn of Africa, Lake Chad Basin and the Sahel are being altered by emerging challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Neil Melvin
Director, International Security Studies +44(0)207 747 4979

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