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The Military Sciences research group examines the utility of military power from strategic concepts to technical platforms.

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The Military Sciences group includes experts in the traditional Air, Land and Maritime domains as well as Cyber, Influence Operations and Space. Our aim is to contribute to the nuance of UK public, media and policy discussions on defence by combining research with practical experience and contextual awareness. As part of this work, Military Sciences staff engage with military, defence industrial and governmental stakeholders from the operational to the senior leadership level in the UK and overseas.

The cornerstone of the Military Sciences group’s work is the Martial Power Programme which forms a conceptual framework aimed at providing UK decision makers with a deeper evidence base to feed into defence policy.


The Military Sciences research group aims to:

  • Conduct world class research and analysis on defence issues.
  • Provide evidence and advice to assist UK policy makers in defence and security matters.
  • Provide a forum for open and frank discussion of UK and international defence matters between the military, defence industry, academia and other stakeholders, where rank is not an issue.
  • Promote public understanding of defence issues through engagement with the media.


Professor Peter Roberts
Director Military Sciences, RUSI

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