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RUSI International helps coordinate the Institute's global activities and facilitates high-level training for governments, corporations and large organisations.

To respond to the challenges of 21st century policy-making, RUSI has launched a new venture, RUSI International, which targets the multi-faceted challenges facing the modern global security agenda. RUSI International promotes a global society of forward-thinking leaders, policy practitioners, eminent scholars and strategic thinkers representing diverse points of view.

RUSI International pursues thoughtful and incisive geopolitical, defence, intelligence and business analysis; encourages better strategic thinking; and presents balanced and informed policy recommendations on vital global security issues.  In addition, it offers executive education and personalised training in relevant fields.

RUSI International promotes discreet and influential exchanges at the global level with the goal of expanding understanding of security matters across networks in the academic and business communities, governments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and across the international community.


Jonathan Eyal
Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships +44 (0) 20 7747 2616

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