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The RUSI Library of Military History has been an integral part of RUSI since its inception in 1831. The collection represents not only RUSI's history as an organisation but it is also a repository of the foremost thinking on defence, security and military history.

We have a number of items in the collection that are very old, rare, valuable and in some cases unique. Caring for the collection requires both time and considerable financial resources.

If you would like to contribute towards the preservation of this unique and fascinating collection click here. You can donate any amount but by donating £500 or more you will be helping to conserve one of our rare books and your name will be recorded on a specially made RUSI bookplate in a restored item from our collections.

If you are considering leaving a bequest to the RUSI Library of Military History please contact the librarian to discuss your wishes.

Volunteer at RLMH

There are lots of opportunities for volunteers at the RUSI Library of Military History and below are some details of the types of projects our volunteers can get involved in.

Volunteers at RLMH are vital to our work and the preservation of the collection and by volunteering you would be helping to conserve this beautiful and important collection.

If you would like to volunteer to work in the collection please contact the Librarian.  


The RUSI Library of Military History is home to over 30,000 volumes

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