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The impact of illicit finance is often dominated by discussions on the technical deficiencies of a country’s AML/CTF regime, but money laundering, corruption, kleptocracy, fraud and other financial crimes are far from victimless. The CFCS’s Stephen Reimer discusses his new research looking at the human harms of illicit finance, illustrating its varied and destructive consequences through several case studies, including the Luanda Leaks, the 2020 Beirut explosion, and the Moldova bank scandal.

Episode Sixteen: The Human Harms of Illicit Finance

Financial Crime Insights is a collection of discussions from past CFCS webinars and events with top financial crime thinkers. The topics they discuss remain timely and our aim is to bring these insights from the computer screen to our listeners who are on the go.

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Stephen Reimer
Research Fellow

Stephen is a Research Fellow at RUSI’s Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies, where he specialises on countering the... read more

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