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RUSI's Funding

RUSI is a registered charity (No. 210639) in the United Kingdom and as such follows the Charity Commissions guidance on public benefit and political independence.

RUSI has sustained its independence for over 185 years by drawing income from its membership subscriptions, the sale of its various outputs and from research contracts, donations, and from events funded by a wide range of sources, private and governmental, UK-based and international.

RUSI rejects funding that is incompatible with its independence or honesty.  To see RUSI’s Ethics Statement, please click here >

The bulk of RUSI’s funding comes from research, RUSI also derives funding from its network of members, both corporate and individuals. 

To see a list of organisations who have supported the Institute and its work, click here

To find out about RUSI's appeal to restore its historic headquarters, click here.