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Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia

Emily Ferris is a Research Fellow in the International Security Studies department at RUSI, specialising in Russia and Eurasia’s foreign policy. Emily has a particular interest in Russian organised crime, Russia’s foreign policy toward the West and the Far East, as well as the conflict in eastern Ukraine. She also researches political and security processes in Moldova and Belarus.

Before joining RUSI in 2018, Emily worked at Control Risks - a London consultancy firm - as a Russian security and politics analyst, advising clients conducting business in Russia and other Eastern European countries. She has worked and travelled extensively across Russia.

She holds a BA in Russian from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Organised Crime and Terrorism from University College London, where she specialised in Russian organised crime. She speaks Russian and Hebrew and has a good working knowledge of German.

External publications

'The Friendlier Face of Putinism', Foreign Policy
07 January 2021 | Emily Ferris

Meet the often overlooked organization trying to reconnect Russia’s leader with the people - and secure Putin's influence for years to come.

'Orthodox Measures', Europe's Edge, CEPA
01 December 2020 | Emily Ferris

The Russian Orthodox Church threw its support behind Igor Dodon's candidacy ahead of Moldova's presidential elections, and Dodon was careful to promote policies in line with Church teachings. While Russia's preferred choice of candidate did not ultimately prevail, the behaviour of the Church and institutions linked to it reveals much about Russia's foreign policy goals in Moldova, and signposts what we should be watching ahead of more significant parliamentary elections next year.

Research Fellow, Russia and Eurasia

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