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Examining and finding ways to disrupt the illicit financial activities of proliferators such as North Korea.

The project brings together the Institute’s Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies and Proliferation and Nuclear Policy teams in order to identify challenges to national and international obligations to counter proliferation finance and propose practical solutions to effectively implement sanctions.  

Proliferation financing has emerged as a matter of growing concern over the past decade. As a result, a number of tools have been designed to disrupt the underlying financial services that enable proliferators and their facilitators to procure, ship, and receive illicit goods. Their effectiveness, however, hinges on close cooperation between government stakeholders and the private sector.

Through its activities, the Countering Proliferation Finance project at RUSI seeks to both facilitate such cooperation and advance collective thinking in this area. 

RUSI has produced a number of landmark publications on proliferation finance with relevance for both financial institutions and government stakeholders. 

Major achievements

The Guide to Conducting a National Proliferation Financing Risk Assessment is recommended to jurisdictions conducting proliferation finance risk assessments. We have also produced an interactive addition to this guidance in the form of an online tool. The Proliferation Financing Risk Exercise has been designed to help identify and address proliferation financing risk.

The RUSI Implementation Guide and Model Law was endorsed by the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering, a regional body of 41 Member States in the Asia-Pacific region, and our collaboration with the APG is ongoing.

Supporting governments, industry associations and the private sector globally to strengthen efforts to counter proliferation finance.

Frequently presenting our research at international conferences and summits around the world.


Wojciech Pawlus
Outreach and Implementation Manager
Emil Dall
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies
Tom Keatinge
Director, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, RUSI
Darya Dolzikova​
Research Fellow in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy