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This network examines terrorist exploitation of technology and hosted content platforms.

The Global Research Network on Terrorism and Technology is a consortium of academic institutions and think tanks that conducts research and shares views on terrorist content online; exploring the recruiting tactics terrorists use online; the ethics and laws surrounding terrorist content moderation; public-private partnerships to address the issue; and the resources tech companies need to adequately and responsibly remove terrorist content from their platforms.

Each publication is part of a series of papers released by the network on terrorism and technology. The research conducted by this network will seek to understand how to better detect radicalisation and recruitment activity in the digital space as well as curtail the spread of extremist material.

The network is led by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in the UK and brings together partners from around the world, including the Brookings Institution (US), the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (Netherlands), Swansea University (UK), the Observer Research Foundation (India), the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (Israel) and the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (Indonesia).

The research network is supported by the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT).

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Aaditya Dave
Research Analyst
James Sullivan
Director, Cyber Research