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As countries in central and south Asia seek to forge greater connectivity between them, RUSI has deployed its expertise to analyse one of the significant geopolitical trends of this century. 

Since 2013, RUSI has worked with countries across central and south Asia to explore the promise and challenges of the 'Belt and Road' initiative which seeks to reconnect Eurasia through the creation of land and sea routes, including toward Africa and the Pacific.

Driven most prominently by a Chinese government vision, the concept has been appropriated and adopted by both allies and rivals alike.  Whether it is Russia, India, South Korea or Japan, the concept resonates because it could promulgate a new era of global connectivity across the Eurasian landmass in particular. On the seas, new trading routes and development links offer ways of re-connecting the globe. 

Understanding these trends, how they are developing and their long-term impact, is at heart of a stream of work at RUSI where the International Security Studies (ISS) team are focused exploring the many strands of this story.


Raffaello Pantucci
Senior Associate Fellow