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RUSI’s policing and security research explores the challenges facing law enforcement agencies in the 21st century, and the role of the police in the UK’s national security infrastructure. The research takes a practitioner-led approach, with a focus on assisting government and law enforcement agencies in developing policy and strategy to address complex security challenges.

The police are integral to the UK’s national security and prosperity. They are operating in times of uncertainty, and are required to continually adapt to keep pace with the changing nature of global crime and security threats. Law enforcement agencies nationwide are exploring how best to adapt to meet the demands placed on the system by new forms of organised criminality, the growing threat from cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime, and the threats posed by terrorism and violent extremism, while continuing to protect victims, bring offenders to justice, and deliver the core public services of neighbourhood and community policing.

Working closely with policymakers across Government and engaging with a range of practitioners from across the UK’s law enforcement community, RUSI conducts timely evidence-based policy research, to advise law enforcement agencies on how best to take advantage of new opportunities such as those presented by emerging technologies, how to bridge the gap between policy and practice, and overcome the practical and organisational barriers to successfully achieving transformational change.