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A point of reference for those who work in the Profession of Arms and seek to professionalise their knowledge and approach to military problem.

This programme consists of two core projects:  The Western Way of Warfare and Adversarial Studies. These two complementary themes form the core RUSI offering to those engaged in professional military education, enabling a better understanding of their environment, domains, situation, and adversaries.

More than 250,000 people undergo periods of Professional Military Education (PME) every year around the world. It is a strength of uniformed services that they invest a great deal in their people, and develop them irrespective of their backgrounds, in order to build skills and knowledge to enable them to meet the challenges of the future.  Yet, such lofty aspirations are often curbed by the requirements of a packed syllabus and might not allow a deeper engagement with some of the core concepts and foundational principles on which taught PME is based.  Indeed, such is the breadth of required reading on many courses that any notion of understanding an adversary or competitor does not feature. 

The Profession of Arms programme was born from these observations and experiences. In talking to more than 8,500 PME students each year, the Military Sciences team at RUSI made a conscious decision to offer additional content to those engaged in PME who want pre-reading before courses start, or for who periods of PME triggered a more enduring interest in the topics and wanted to stay engaged.

The Profession of Arms offering is designed towards all levels of PME: It is as suitable for Corporals as it is Colonels, for Petty Officers and Admirals.  Better understanding of adversaries and competitors is essential: thus was born the Adversarial Studies project.  Likewise, a better understanding of How the West fights – and why it arrived at the current incarnation of dependencies and military strategies is also important: a topic which the podcast Western Way of Warfare addresses.



Peppi Vaananen
Project Officer, Military Sciences