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Rebalancing Expertise in Defence and Security (REDS) is a RUSI initiative aimed at promoting a diversity of voices in the fields of security and defence, with a particular focus on those who identify as female.

There is an increasing awareness of insufficient diversity in the voices contributing to important conversations and policy debates in our field. Despite this, female researchers and practitioners, as well as those from minority communities, too often remain overlooked and the same voices continue to dominate discussion across many areas of defence and security. REDS seeks to be part of the solution to this challenge.

REDS is part of RUSI’s commitments under the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GCNP) initiative. Read more about RUSI's commitments under GCNP

RUSI's Director-General Dr Karin von Hippel is a GCNP Gender Champion.

To learn more about REDS or if you have any questions on the initiative, please email

 REDS Events

By hosting a number of events and content produced throughout the year, REDS aims to improve the balance of researchers and practitioners from a diversity of backgrounds, with a particular focus on those who identify as female, through offering a dedicated platform to informed and expert voices on a variety of topics within the field.

Recent events

15 Feb 2021: Diversity and Inclusion Policies in Practice: Reflections from the UK National Security Community

This event examined the role that diversity and inclusion plays in the day-to-day operations of the UK’s defence and security policy institutions and identify the practical applications of the concept.

29 Sep 2020: Rethinking UK Security Policy

This event focused on better understanding what security means in the context of UK policy, how UK policy can become more inclusive, and will draw on examples from both the UK and elsewhere as to how the UK might improve its security policy to take these considerations into account.


Darya Dolzikova​
Research Fellow in Proliferation and Nuclear Policy
Cristina Varriale
Research Fellow