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F-35 on a Queen Elizabeth carrier. Courtesy of MoD/LPhot Luke/OGL

In a Competitive Era, Look Beyond Integration Towards Adaptability

Paul O'Neill
RUSI Journal, 3 June 2021
Armed Forces, Military Sciences, UK Integrated Review 2021, UK, UK Defence
The ability to adapt across a number of areas will increase the performance of the UK's armed forces.

Integration is the latest focus for developing the UK armed forces, as well as other militaries facing similar challenges from adversaries blurring the boundaries between peace and war. Paul O’Neill argues, however, that it cannot be an end in itself. Integration needs to be relegated to and regulated by a higher purpose: adaptability.

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BANNER IMAGE: F-35 on a Queen Elizabeth carrier. Courtesy of MoD/LPhot Luke/OGL

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Paul O’Neill
Senior Research Fellow

Paul O’Neill is a Senior Research Fellow in Military Sciences at the Royal United Services Institute. His research interests cover... read more

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