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UK PONI Nuclear Café

News, 2 March 2021
UK Project on Nuclear Issues
The Nuclear Café is a space to connect with the PONI community at the end of the week in an off-the-record conversation. The Café focuses on building a tightly-knit community of emerging voices that have the potential to influence the nuclear field. Whether you are an early-career professional or a student, join us and help build this community from the ground up.

A registration link will be posted every Monday on UK PONI's Twitter account.

The café offerings include:

Timely conversations

The UK PONI Network attracts nuclear professionals eager to learn, innovate, and collaborate to reduce the nuclear threat. We recognise that we have more questions than answers and we are committed to showing up, listening to others, and generating change together. For the next 6 months at least, these weekly virtual sessions will help people connect and share stories in an informal space. Some sessions will be hosted through an interactive ‘fireside chat’ style conversation with inspiring people from our community, while others will focus on a theme.

Skill-building sessions
Feel free to share your suggestions with us; we’re happy to run sessions on topics that benefit the community, from mastering storytelling, to open-source investigations skills.

Inclusive discussions

Unconventional ideas and new perspectives are the driving force of UK PONI. Notwithstanding the increased awareness of insufficient diversity among participants in the nuclear field, more also needs to be done to bring a diversity of perspectives on nuclear issues. We value each other’s contributions and we believe strongly that diverse backgrounds and differing viewpoints are key to identifying the best solutions.

A community of support
The café is ultimately an opportunity to meet virtually in small groups to build lasting relationships that will drive change in our community.

Please sign up to join the UK PONI network and receive information about the Nuclear Café and other activities via this link.

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