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RUSI has a unique mission as a home for debate and analysis on international defence and security. As a registered charity (No. 210639), RUSI does not receive core funding from any government or institution: it is a purely independent body.

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This means it relies on members' fees, income from its projects, and the generous support of companies and individuals who believe in the importance of its work. 

For 180 years, RUSI has provided an invaluable service to the public, government and armed forces as a unique interface between the three. Today, RUSI's work is just as vital as ever. 

You can support the Institute's activities in a number of ways that go beyond membership, through single donations, regular donations, or bequeathing assets to RUSI to support its work in the future.

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RUSI General Fund

RUSI welcomes contributions for overall support through its General Fund. Contributions will go towards the maintenance of its prestigious headquarters and the development of its core work - finding new ways to foster and facilitate defence and security thinking worldwide. RUSI will recognise and thank all donors on its website (unless they prefer to remain anonymous). To donate online now, complete form here.

To make regular contributions or pay by other means, call Deborah Pourkarimi on + 44 (0) 20 7747 2608 or email