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RUSI Europe

RUSI Europe studies, promotes, debates and reports on all issues relating to international defence and security in Europe and abroad. RUSI Europe is a not-for-profit international organisation, is independent of government and is committed to objectivity, integrity and impartiality in all of its work.

Based in Brussels, RUSI Europe is the European partner of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). RUSI Europe and RUSI exchange expertise and cooperate to build relationships with international stakeholders. 

We are currently working on several EU-funded projects, including understanding maritime security, organised crime and combating violent extremism, and also contribute to projects with EU Member States and NATO.

About RUSI

RUSI is one of the world’s leading think tanks on defence and security, building on 190 years of international work. RUSI covers a variety of issues relating to national security (counter-terrorism, serious and organised crime, cyber security, policing and intelligence), international security (geopolitical and regional security issues), defence policy (proliferation and nuclear policy, military sciences, defence industries and society), financial crime and security (countering terrorist finance and money laundering) and RUSI International (capacity building, strategic and geopolitical analysis).

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