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RUSI Europe engages researchers to help solve urgent security, defence, and foreign policy challenges of interest to Europe and the North Atlantic

RUSI Europe is an international research institute, independent of government, and is committed to objectivity, integrity and impartiality in all of its work. Our mission is to leverage the Institute’s research capacities to inform policy-making at the EU, NATO and among their member states.

Based in Brussels, RUSI Europe builds on the Royal United Services Institute’s almost 200 years of expertise in security and defence. We carry out research, provide a forum for security and defence dialogues, and are committed to help solve the most urgent security and defence challenges.


Latest commentary

The Israel-Palestine conflict, reminiscent of the ever-shifting patterns within a kaleidoscope, is deeply entrenched in a labyrinthine history of territorial disputes and intricate socio-political ties. Each turn in this geopolitical kaleidoscope brings forth a different pattern of narratives and grievances, reflecting the myriad perspectives, emotions, and historical contexts.

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