CTF Online Symposium No. 9: State Funding, Malign Influence and Terrorism Financing: Challenges for Europe

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24 February 2022
15:00 - 16:00

Growing concern with the subversive intentions of foreign governments – through the financing of domestic groups including charities, religious institutions and media outlets – has once again reappeared as a core security concern for Europe. By exerting well-targeted influence, state agitators may be enabled to amplify hateful, anti-pluralistic ideas among local populations, creating fertile conditions for radicalisation, violent extremism, and finally terrorism.

In this CTF Online Symposium, Noémi També will assess whether and how foreign state funding of anti-democratic ideology should be prevented, monitored or limited.She will consider if malign influence constitutes a terrorism financing threat, and if it could be identified and repelled via the existing elements of the counter-terrorism financing regime.


Noémi També is an Associate Fellow of the CFCS and an independent financial crime consultant and researcher with over 15 years professional experience across the academic, public and private sector. She is an Associate Professor at the Luxembourg School of Business. Her academic research interests are money laundering and terrorism financing risk, crypto risk, risk appetite and developing a methodology to measure the effectiveness of the global AML framework.

Joining Information

Participants can access the webinar either online or via phone. Please note that only participants joining us online will be able to submit questions during the webinar. The webinar, including Q&A, will be recorded and published on the Project CRAAFT website.

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