CTF Online Symposium No. 8: The EU and Counterterrorism Financing

Symposium Eight
19 January 2022
16:00 - 17:00

CTF Online Symposium No. 8: The EU and Counterterrorism Financing

Join RUSI Europe and the team behind Project CRAAFT (Collaboration, Research and Analysis Against the Financing of Terrorism) for a webinar on what the EU’s anti-financial crime package means for counterterrorism financing.  

For the first CTF Online Symposium of 2022, Project CRAAFT Research Fellow Stephen Reimer will be joined by Mara Wesseling to discuss her latest work on the EU’s legislative response to terrorism financing risks and threats.

The European Commission’s AML/CTF Package of July 2021 promises, among other things, to close loopholes in the EU’s financial system that are exploited by terrorist financiers. This long-awaited response to the increasingly concerning issue of illicit finance on the continent represents an advance towards a more uniform approach to AML/CTF in the EU. However, while improved regulatory consistency across the Union might be the right antidote to the AML weaknesses laid bare by money-laundering scandals at major European banks, is it also the answer to the EU’s terrorism financing problems? In her CRAAFT research briefing entitled ‘The EU and Counterterrorism Financing: Right Diagnosis, Wrong Patient?’, Wesseling delves into four legislative proposals included in the Package to assess their likely effectiveness in countering terrorism financing specifically, suggesting how the European Commission might rethink the tired AML/CTF binary when making legislative proposals.

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