EGRN: Extremism And Gaming Research Network

Violent extremist organisations are actively exploiting online gaming across the world. Yet, research into gaming and radicalisation is sparse and outdated. The Extremism and Gaming Research Network (EGRN) intends to fill this gap by evidencing how malign extremist actors may be using gaming for harm, and how gaming could be used for positive outcomes. RUSI Europe proudly co-founded this network, bringing together the strengths and expertise of over 50 distinguished organisations and experts to build up the evidence base and develop concrete solutions to counter the exploitation of online gaming environments by violent extremist organisations.

Set up as a self-led initiative by practitioners and researchers who saw a need to fill existing knowledge gaps and provide a basis for evidence-led solutions, we are continually seeking new stakeholders, such as research and policy organisations or tech companies, to join our network. EGRN also seeks to partner with gaming companies and governments to counter potential misuse and to develop solutions that use gaming to foster resilient online communities. The network is open to funding opportunities supporting future research and project activities.

Project team

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