MASIF: Global Illicit Flows

The Global Illicit Flows Programme (GIFP), launched in 2019, brought together the Cocaine Route and Heroin Route Programmes (CRP and HRP respectively), to adapt EU programming and responses to the developing criminal landscape globally. By broadening its scope and remit, the GIFP moved beyond a commodity-based approach to respond to the challenges of global illicit flows and their interdependence. 

With the transition from CRP to GIFP the programme’s monitoring and support component CORMS has now been rebranded to MASIF (Monitoring and Support Project for the Global Illicit Flows Programme). The project builds on the foundations laid by CORMS and continues to work on increasing synergies between all the components of the GIFP and improve coordination with other initiatives in the fight against organised crime and drug trafficking. The project ensures close monitoring of GIFP projects, works to further enhance coherence and complementarity both within the programme (internal coherence) and with respect to any other relevant initiative (external coherence), provides recommendations and increases the GIFP’s visibility. The project started in April 2021 and will be implemented over 36 months by the Royal United Services Institute Europe (RUSI Europe)

The project started in April 2021 and is being implemented by RUSI Europe.

Funded by the European Union

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